Easier Access to Health Information

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These days, encountering technology can hardly be avoided.
With cell phones, HDTVs, and even electric cars, it's no surprise even health care providers are incorporating technology into the medical field.
Sacred Heart Hospital's recent expansion included a new room to help patients learn more about health related issues.
Jean Johnson and Pam Hunt both work in the newly opened center for medical excellence.
Johnson says, “A patient who is informed is better able to follow directions to really be able to help to be a partner in their health care which is really important for good outcomes.”
It's become so important that Sacred Heart Hospital added a couple of research rooms for the public, including computers allowing people to connect to the internet to get the most current information.
“We have information on cancer, we have a lot of information on heart condition, heart disease, cardiovascular, stroke and really big issues,” says Johnson.
In helping people learn more about their health, this room has been provided. The computers are linked to four web pages where it will make health researching easier.
Doctor James Freeman says people should avoid pharmaceutical and commercial sites.
“One thing you can look for is websites put up by non-profits organizations such as the American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association or government associations.”
The information rooms are not only good for patients; they're also a benefit for health care providers in helping them sometimes make life shattering decisions.
“More and more health care is not an autocratic process when doctors are telling patients what's going to happen. It's more a shared decision,” says Freeman.
So, the next time, people have to make those big decisions or just find out more on what type of cold they have, the ground floor of Sacred Heart is where they may find that needed information.