Wisconsin Renaissance Faire Facing Foreclosure

Homes aren't the only thing being foreclosed, a popular tourist attraction may be facing the same fate.

The Wisconsin Renaissance Fair in Chippewa Falls is only 3 years old but is already facing a foreclosure lawsuit.

The amount of the foreclosure is not immediately available. However the suit was filed by A-1 Properties, an excavation company in Bloomer against the operators of the fair, including president Shane McVey.

Chippewa Falls City Planner Jayson Smith says the city sold 121 acres at $1000 per acre to the Wisconsin Renaissance Faire back in 2005 for the creation of the site.

Smith says the foreclosure lawsuit is disappointing because the city worked hard to put a major tourism project in the Chippewa falls area.

Chippewa Falls Mayor Greg Hoffman agreed with Smith saying the foreclosure suit was sad, and that he and other city leaders were hoping for the faire’s success.

A-1 and McVey have not returned our phone calls.

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