First Nanotech Students Finishing at CVTC

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William Korbitz was a lab technician for 25 years before a shoulder injury required him to shift his career path.

Korbitz is part of the first class to go through CVTC's nanotechnology program. He says he picked the field because of it's possibilities.
But after going through the program, he doesn't believe the students are prepared to enter the workforce.

"They told us initially there were internships and they'd give us leads on jobs, but after going through the program there were not any internships and nobody has had any leads and it's left everyone kind of amuck," Korbitz said.

CVTC President Bill Ihlenfeldt says the school won't measure the success of placement until six months from graduation. And he believes with success seen in similar programs CVTC students will see the same opportunities.

"I have no doubt in my mind. I've watched them and we have a quality system. We follow through the guidelines with both our program and the the capstone program at the University of Minnesota and I have no doubt they will hit the ground running," Ihlenfeldt said.

Of the 16 people in the program, only 3 have finished their internship credit, according to School Vice President of Education Joe Hegge. And that's due to them receiving credit for past jobs in similar fields.

Hegge also added that the school was meeting Wednesday with others about establishing internships.

Korbitz says he's applied for close to 30 jobs and is waiting to hear back, hoping to work in a very new occupation.