Elk Mound School Leaders Say April Referendum Likely

The Elk Mound District Administrator Ronald Walsh says its likely the board will vote next Monday night to go to a referendum worth millions.

Walsh says the school has seen dramatic growth in the past years and studies show they'll grow by dozens of students every year. Walsh says the district will likely ask voters for $9,325,000 on April 7. Walsh says about $8,186,000 would go to additions on schools and another $1,139,000 would help replace a hot water system, HVAC, roof drainage system and other infrastructure.

Walsh says while the economy is a concern, going to referendum in April could be an opportunity for the district to get a deal on construction and interest rates.

Walsh says referendums in the district passed in 1992, 1993, 1997 and 2001.

If you want to see the studies and presentations, click here.

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