Former Conjoined Twins Returning To Sheboygan

More than 30 doctors, nurses and other medical staff bid farewell to formerly conjoined twins Thursday at a Washington hospital as the family prepared to return to Sheboygan.

The boys' father, Ryan Shaw, says bringing his sons home is the greatest Christmas present he could ask for.

Mateo Asher Shaw and McHale Twain Shaw were born on May tenth at Children's National Medical Center. They were joined at the lower back and spinal cords. The twins were separated at the hospital in September.

Shaw and the twins' mother, Angie Benzschawel, each held one son in their lap during a news conference Thursday at the hospital.

Neonatology chief Billie Short says the boys have had their ups and downs during their stay, but they've made great progress. Short says it's too soon to say whether the boys will be able to walk normally when they get older. Both suffer from spina bifida.

Benzschawel says they're excited to return to their home, but they'll miss the hospital staff members, who've become as close as family.