4th Suspect in "Get Money Boys" Gang Burglary Turns Himself In

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LA CROSSE (WEAU)- An 18 year old La Crosse man police say is part of a gang has turned himself in.

DuJuan Jackson is charged in connection with a home invasion in October. Three other teens police believe are part of the ‘Get Money Boys Gang’ have already been arrested.
DuJuan Jacksons attorney Russell Hammer says Jackson is denying having anything to do with the get money boys gang.

“Mr. Jackson denies being a member of the ‘Get Money Boys’ gang. The evidence against him is very limited,” said Hammer.

Hammer says Jackson turned himself in after a family member told him that the police was looking for him during the family thanksgiving meal in Chicago.

“When he heard there was a warrant out for his arrest promptly returned to town and has now been released on a $250 thousand dollar bond,” said Hammer.

Police believe Jackson along with 18-year-old Areschial Page, and 17-year-old DeAaron Appleton broke into a home and held the occupants at gunpoint. Stolen from the home was stole marijuana, a computer, wallets, cellphones, two firearms and $430 dollars in cash. Officer Kurt Weaver described it as normal gang activity.

“It’s a loose knit organization and they’re trying to find ways to get money and a lot of them do it different ways. Some try to get it through burglary and others deal with drugs,” said Weaver.

There was a 4th suspect identified in the robbery, a 16 year old that is believed to also be a member of the ‘Get Money Boys’ gang. Police say they are seeing kids becoming involved in gang activity as young as middle school age.

“We have been working a lot with the La Crosse school district 4th and 6th grade levels. Middle school is a transition year finding out who they are,” said Weaver.

There is talk about adding more patrols.

“Our chief has talked about doing a street crimes unit,” said Weaver.

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