Trempealeau County Man Travelling Nearly 70 MPH After Falling 17 Floors

Just how fast was a Blaire, Wisconsin bar owner going when he fell from a downtown Minneapolis hotel window?

A physicist calculates that 29-year-old Joshua Hanson was traveling about 69 miles per hour when he hit a roof overhang after falling through a 17th-floor window.

Three days after his fall, Hanson remains in critical condition at Hennepin County Medical Center.

The bar owner from Blair in Trempealeau County was in Minneapolis for a dart tournament. After going out drinking Friday night, he returned to the Hyatt Regency around 1:30 Saturday morning.

When Hanson got off the elevator on the 17th floor, he ran down a hallway and fell into a large window. The glass gave way and Hanson fell out and down about 160 feet onto an asphalt-covered overhang.

A police spokeswoman says they're regarding it as an accident -- "the result of tomfoolery and a little too much to drink."