Local Heroes Rescue Greenwood Man from Fire

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Ed Bogdonovich noticed smoke coming from his basement Monday night and told his wife Marilyn to go for help before he ventured downstairs.

But, when she returned with her neighbor Gary Johnson, Ed was still inside and the flames were growing.

By the time Officer Bernard Bock and another passerby Ken Smith arrived to help, those flames were shooting from windows and blocking the door. They tried the garage door, but it was jammed too.

"They basically kicked holes in the garage door and pulled my father through," Ed's son Bill Bogdonovich said.

Together they made a hole just large enough to crawl through and risked their own lives to enter the garage and find Ed. He was lying face down surrounded by thick smoke and wasn't breathing at the time. They managed to drag him out to safety but not before Ken Smith broke his ribs in the process. Still, Officer Bock says in Greenwood that's what any neighbor would do.

"In a small community everybody pretty much knows your neighbors, they care about their neighbors and they're more that willing to help out," Bock said.

Ed was taken to Marshfield clinic and transferred to the burn unit in Madison. His son says he seems to be out of danger but is still very weak and has fluid on his lungs.

Ed's wife, Marilyn says the house is a total loss and the flames left her family with nothing, but she says her husband's life is most important and she can't wait to have him home.

The family says they're grateful to all those who helped save him.