Doyle's Nanotechnology Push in the Chippewa Valley

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Mark Hannum and Tim Lurvey look like scientists, talk like scientists, and hope to one day be scientists just as soon as they graduate

"It's the best fit for me," says UW-Stout student Tim Lurvey.

Working in their tiny lab both students say they're excited about the possibilities of nanotechnology and what it means for Wisconsin.

"All you hear are people talking about nano this and nano that," Lurvey says.

One of those people is Governor Doyle.

Doyle wants Stout, UW-Eau Claire and CVTC to see the big picture and work together on this tiny science.

"Collaboration is a key element to all this," says Christopher Lutz, a chemistry instructor at Stout.

Lutz welcomes the governor's support.

He says by working together all three schools can maximize their resources so they're better able to compete.

"Many people worried at the beginning of nanotechnology that it ws a flash in the pan and companies would go out of business and that's it, but I think we're seeing that there's real staying power and this is not going away and it's going to continue to grow," says Lutz.

And for the budding scientists that may mean a future filled with more homegrown jobs.

"I think it's really starting to blossom especially in this part of the state," says student scientist Mark Hannum.

"Right now I can't even foresee how big this will get in the future," Lurvey chimes in.