Red Cross Busy Responding to Fires

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As the weather has sunk into this coldest stretch of the season, fire calls throughout western Wisconsin have gone up.

The Chippewa Valley chapter of the American Red Cross responded to 3 fires in a 24 hour period in the same county.

The Disaster Action Team aided families and workers at fires near Menomonie, Colfax, and Downing.

The Red Cross volunteers were out in full force last night and this morning.

"We always have a team that's on-call,” said Jon Lee, Emergency Services Director.

”We also had some folks that weren't designated as on-call yesterday that were able to, they were available to go out and help out with these responses, which was really helpful. We have a pretty good group of people we can draw from."

The Red Cross urges everyone to take a closer look at how to prevent fires in their homes.

They usually see an increase in assistance when people use alternative means to heat their homes.