Purple and gold goat found in trunk; #4 shaved on its side

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After being found in the trunk of a car, a local family is proud to adopt a purple and gold Favre-themed goat. "Brett the goat" was destined for the butcher. But, now an Eleva family is thrilled to have #4 take to their field.

"Saturday night, we got a call from Winona Animal Rescue. They were just wondering if by any chance we would give it a good home and I said 'yeah, we love animals.'" Carlene Schultz tells us.

Turns out Minnesota was not a good fit for the little guy. Cell-phone video taken at a Winona car repair shop shows Brett in a car trunk. A woman told the mechanic she planned to have him butchered. He called animal control.

"I thought 'who would do that? Keep a goat in the trunk.’ I thought ‘that's horrible.’ He's the nicest, nicest goat and I’m so glad he has a good home now," Schultz says.

That home is Schultz's farm where Brett couldn't be more welcomed and seemingly more in love. He’s constantly running up to Schultz and her grandchildren looking for treats.

“Maybe he knows we had that Brett Favre corn maze a couple years ago so we kind of like Brett you know,” Schultz says laughing.

So as a freshly bathed Brett gets back to his normal color, (no, not green and gold—just good 'ol white) he's eating up the attention. His 4 will fade, but Carlene says this Brett will stay... and stay Brett.

"I love Brett Favre even though he's over yonder,” Schultz says. “We'll keep the name Brett!"

The Winona city attorney is reviewing the case for possible citations. Schultz says animal control told her Brett was being taken bar to bar before he ended up in that trunk.

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