Bitter Cold Grips Valley

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Listening to another dead battery tow truck driver Joel Cox shakes his head at the weather.

"They just refuse to start."

Cox, with triple a towing by Adams, began jump starting cars like this one before 6:00 AM Monday morning and plans to be on call until 7:00 AM Tuesday.

Over the weekend Triple A Wisconsin responded to more than three thousand jump start calls.

Cox says when the weather is cold like this there's little drivers can do.

"Get new batteries, heat their cars and keep them full of gas," advises Cox.

Meanwhile Wiersgalla plumbing and heating came to the rescue at this home on North Dewey Street this morning.

The problem: burst pipes.

"It can happen to anyone," but, says repairman David Soborowicz, it's less likely to happen in well insulated homes.

It wasn't a matter of keeping cold out but rather pumping heat in that sent repairman Jerry Schlough onto the roof at Goodwill today.

Shoppers inside were browsing in cool 55 degree heat while he suffered the subzero wind fixing the vents.

"Every job has it's negatives and this is kind of one of those negatives," reflects Schlough.

Unfortunately negative temperatures remain in our forecast.

A few tips to prevent problems: keep your thermostat above 55 degrees at all times, seal off any cracks or leaks that let cold air in near your pipes and if you're worried

Open cabinets to let in warm air near pipes. As for your car if it has an engine block heater, use it. While it's not guaranteed to get your car started it certainly can't hurt.