Class As Usual For UW-Eau Claire Students

The cold in Western Wisconsin caused school administrators to cancel classes in many districts Monday.

But UW-Eau Claire students, staff and teachers still braved the chilly weather to make it to school.

UW-Eau Claire leaders say it's "very rare" to cancel daytime classes.

Vice Chancellor Andrew Soll says factors such as campus activity and the fact that many students live on or close to campus are taken into consideration when deciding whether to cancel class.

"Whether it's a snow, ice emergency or these cold temperatures, we would always tell students to use good judgment," said UW-Eau Claire Vice Chancellor Andrew Soll. "And if they believe they can't get to campus for their classes safely, then don't come to class."

Soll says student safety is the primary concern.

He says the decision to cancel classes rests with the chancellor.

But he says teachers are told to be reasonable if students don't think they can make it to class safely.