Girl Scout Cookie Sale

It's a sweet time of year again. Time to buy Girl Scout cookies.

Starting this Saturday through February 25th, Thin Mints, Tagalongs and other favorites will be sold by the Girl Scouts.

This year, Hummer of Eau Claire is teaming with the Scouts for an added promotion.

During the sale, people can guess how many Girl Scout cookie boxes are in a Hummer H3 inside the dealership.

Leaders of local troops say selling the cookies is a good way to teach girls lessons they may use later.

"It's actually a program the girls learn some vital tips. They learn business strategies, talking to customers. The money that they bring in goes to helping our operating budget as well as programs for the girls and money goes back to the troops," says Carrie Andringa of the
Girl Scouts Indian Water Chapter.

The winner of the Hummer contest will be drawn on February 26th.
The person with the closest guess receives a $250 prize package.