Non-Profit Taxes

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Wisconsin's highest court voted 6-1 in favor of removing the tax-exempt status of non-profit agencies.
Although the decision was made a few weeks ago, the effects are being felt at the Grace Lutheran Foundation, who recently completed an evaluation requested by the city of Eau Claire, which will put them on the property tax roll.
Mike Christensen, the director of finances for Grace, says the organization will not have to close its doors, but are facing well over $100,000 in property taxes that weren't part of their budget.
Christensen has visited Madison to speak on the issue and has faith that the Legislature will step in to correct a decision that could close the doors to many agencies that offer subsidized housing to low income residents.
Rep. Rob Kreibich calls the non-profit tax a lose-lose situation for communities, and vows the issue will be dealth with before the session closes in two weeks.
A two year moritorium, says Kriebich, will give everyone involved a chance to better guage the effects of the court's decision.