Bush Ads

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The Bush Administration released four ads, targeting 17 states that were close in the last election, including Wisconsin.

The positive ads outline Bush's leadership over the past four years. While some are upset over the reminders of September 11th, a professor at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire says the ads will win more votes than lose them.

"The nature of politics," says Geoff Peterson, of UWEC Political Science Department,"is finding the issues that you are good at and the public agrees with you on and right now, the war on terrorism is the single biggest card he has in his hand."

The ads are airing in 17 key states, including Wisconsin, Minnesota and of course Florida. John Torgerson, a local republican activist, believes Bush may visit the area. "We are not a predictable state and so we are one of a handful of states that are going to get a lot of attention because we could go either way."

The Bush campaign has raised a record $150+ million in his re-election war chest.