Local Dean Organizer: Vote for Nominee

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Jodie Berseth says she's still heartbroken over Howard Dean's third-place finish in the Wisconsin primary and the subsequent suspension of his presidential campaign, but she says Dean's main objective has always been to remove President Bush from office and that won't change.

The group that embraced the "Deaniacs" label will now try to translate a candidacy into a cause and fight for ideas that might not normally be embraced by "mainstream" politicians. Dean made his mark by speaking out against the Iraq war before other Democrats running for the nomination.

"We're going to become a progressive group, promoting progressive Democratic ideas and issues," Berseth said. "Demand more of our politicians. It's about change. That's what Howard Dean's campaign is about and I think we have to carry that on."

Berseth says most Dean supporters recognize it would be a mistake for them to turn their disillusionment into a vote for a minor-party candidate like many did for Ralph Nader in 2000. She says Dean supporters may not be actively involved in the campaign of the eventual Democratic nominee, but they will cast a vote for him.