Doyle Visit

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Two separate events at CVTC focused on bringing new technology to the Chippewa Valley, and rewarding companies that keep their high-tech manufacturing jobs in the area.

Gov. Jim Doyle awarded TTM Technologies, a company with a factory in Chippewa Falls that makes printed circuit boards, a tax credit of $250,000.

The grant is part of Doyle's "Grow Wisconsin" plan that rewards companies that make investments in order to add jobs here instead of moving them overseas.

A separate seminar focused on the development of nanotechnology, the science of making high-tech equipment smaller, but more efficient. CVTC expects to begin offering a two-year degree in the field for fall semester of 2004.

The governor says bringing that technology to the area is a way to bring not only jobs, but also federal research money to help further the study of nanotechnology.