Comment Sought on Phoenix Park Plan

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The site at the confluence of the Eau Claire and Chippewa Rivers was once the site of Phoenix Steel and other industries that polluted the area with tires, lead from recycled batteries and other waste.

Tons of debris and tainted soil was removed from the site, and now a city committee has completed work on transforming the triangular parcel into a park.

A new headquarters building for RCU is already going up near the site as part of the North Barstow Redevelopment Project.

The park will include a new road, bike paths, walking path and many other elements.

"What really gives the park heart and soul are going to be the things like the (historical) timeline and the art," says city parks director Phil Fieber, "And that's where we're looking for the community to be involved in that. That's going to take several years to happen. It's going to take us a little time to get the farmers market in and the pavilion down there, and the boat launch and some other developments in the park, but this is just the first step in a process that's going to take a while to finish."

The plan also includes several ways where private funding can offset development costs such as sponsorships for benches and flagpoles.