Governor Doyle Plans to Veto

Gov. Doyle says he plans to veto legislation that would let medical professionals withdraw from certain procedures on moral or ethical grounds.

He also says he'll veto a measure that would bar the obese from suing restaurants and food distributors for allegedly contributing to their weight or health problems. Doyle says he doesn't believe people's medical care should be determined by whether a particular medical practitioner has a problem with a treatment.

That bill passed the Assembly on a 56-to-35 vote, 10 votes short of the two-thirds needed to override the governor's veto. The measure's sponsor, Republican state Rep. Jean Hundertmark of Clintonville says she's disappointed by Doyle's decision. She says the bill would not have prohibited any procedures from taking place, but would have protected the rights of health care workers.

The governor says he believes courts can adequately sort out obesity lawsuits such as those covered under the second measure.