Copying Keys

John S. Burningham has been charged with misconduct in office and faces felony charges in Dunn County for his alleged involvement with two students who made unauthorized copies of master keys for the college's buildings.

The Associate Professor of Telecommunications has been terminated from his position and is no longer allowed on campus, but he is appealing the decision.

According to the criminal complaint, 21-year-old Ben Franske and 20-year-old Chad Tomaszewski received advice from Burningham on how to make copies of keys, and they have been cited by the city for ordinance violations.

Although there was no damage to property and nothing stolen, university officials are still angered by the news, saying the actions of the three men put the entire campus at a security risk, and now the university has to speed up the process to re-key the entire campus at a cost of several hundred thousand dollars.

Burningham will appear in court next month.