"Inconsistencies" in UW-Madison Woman's Story

Madison police Thursday released an artist's sketch of a white male wearing a stocking cap as a possible suspect in the apparent abduction of a UW-Madison student.

Police said "as with any major investigation there are inconsistencies" and a police spokesman repeated the phrase to reporters. This is the only statement from police in nearly 24 hours since events quickly unfolded the day before.

Twenty-year-old Audrey Ruth Seiler, whose hometown is Rockford, Minnesota, was last seen leaving her off-campus apartment early Saturday. She was found Wednesday walking through a marshy area about two miles from her apartment building. Doctors said she was largely unharmed, even though she told police she was forced to leave her apartment area by a man with a knife. She also claims to have been struck on the head from behind and knocked out about a month ago in Madison.