Madison Woman Changes Abduction Story

Madison police say 20-year-old Audrey Seiler now says she was not abducted from her apartment on Regent Street in Madison, but from somewhere else.

Assistant Madison Police Chief Noble Wray says when confronted with inconsistencies in their investigation, Ms. Seiler admitted she was not abducted from her apartment early last Saturday at all. She is quoted by police as saying she just wanted to be alone. Seiler was found in a marshy area walking around on Tuesday about two miles from her apartment building. Doctors said she was largely unharmed and appeared to be okay.

Police Thursday released a drawing of a white man in his twenties or early thirties with a long face wearing a stocking cap which they say could be the suspect in her abduction.

Audrey Seiler, who is from Rockford, Minnesota, has been reunited with family and friends.