A Former Coach Speaks Out About Injured Marine

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The 24 year-old graduate of both UW-Eau Claire and North High School is known in town as both a strong athlete and a leader.

His former North High football coach says Sorkness will always stop in to see him when he visits Eau Claire, and he knows he won't be the only one looking forward to when his former offensive guard will return home.

"I think all his old buddies that are in the neighborhood that know about it certainly will be in to see him," says John Phelps. "I know I certainly will be in to see him as much as I can, along with his other coaches that are here. He left a very excellent impression on NHS."

Sorkness has been with the Military Police Company based out of Fort Snelling, Minnesota since 1999.

He has received the Combat Action Ribbon and is recommended to receive a Purple Heart.