Eau Claire Plant Shuts Down

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Rockwell Automation announced Tuesday that it will close its Eau Claire manufacturing facility before the end of the year throwing 115 employees out of work. Tuesday's announcement came as a surprise to city officials, who said they were not aware of the company's move.

The company, which located to Eau Claire operated by the Allen-Bradley Company, later became Rockwell Automation, manufacturers of industrial automation and controls. The plant opened in Eau Claire in 1993 in an 89,000 square foot facility. It will close its doors in eight months.

The Eau Claire workers were spared layoffs three years ago when more than 500 employees lost their jobs at the Milwaukee main plants of Rockwell. The Eau Claire employees are eligible to transfer to plants elsewhere provided there are openings. They also are eligible for job retraining and other benefits under Wisconsin's plant closing law.