Community Mourns Michelle Witmer

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Hundreds of friends, relatives and members of the armed forces gathered in a Brookfield church Wednesday evening to memorialize Spec. Michelle Witmer. Her sisters eulogized the woman who died in Iraq last week.

Witmer's twin sister, Charity, told stories about growing up with Michelle and about the dangers of living in a war zone.

"Michelle had a hard year," she said, "She had seen things that nobody in this world should have to see. She had seen the worst of Iraq and yet she kept her faith in God and humanity, and was the best soldier she could be. And she was a hero when she died."

Michelle Witmer was posthumously awarded a Purple Heart.

Charity and Rachel have also been serving in Iraq. They are currently on a 15-day emergency leave and have yet to decide whether to return to their respective units or request a transfer to less hostile territory as permitted by military rules.