Men Arrested in Gang Shooting

Twenty-two-year-old Teng Vang of Menomonie was the alleged shooter and is charged with one count of attempted homicide.

The other two men, 18-year-old Chang Vang of Menomonie and 20-year-old Fue Fang of Eau Claire, are both charged with party to attempted homicide.

According to Eau Claire police the shooting happened because the three men from one gang were retaliating because last summer one of the men were made fun of by one of the victims, who were from a different gang

Police are investigating the shooting as an isolated incident.

Vang was convicted of a drive by shooting in 2000 in Chippewa Falls.

There were also three women in the van at the time of the shooting they have been referred to the D.A.'s office and he will make a decision on whether charges will be filed against them.