Witmer's Unit Staying Longer

It's a second wave of hard news for some military families in Wisconsin -- and this time they're writing to Congress and the president. Last week, the a military police company of the Wisconsin

National Guard lost a member in Iraq when Michelle Witmer died in an attack in Baghdad. Her two sisters also are serving in the National Guard in Iraq. Now, members of that same unit have learned their tour of duty will be four months longer than they'd been promised. Members had planned to go home early next month, but will now have to wait until September.

Their relatives in Wisconsin are reacting with concern and disbelief. They've launched a campaign to put pressure on the White House and Congress. The families' Web site urges people to call or write members of Congress as well as President Bush. A woman whose daughter is in the unit says they're not anti-war, but the troops are spent and it's unfair.