Drugs Found on I-94

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The Wisconsin State Patrol says it arrested three people along I-94 Wednesday in St. Croix county. Investigators say they had a pound a half of a dangerous drug, and a lesser amount of a more common drug.

Troopers don't want to provide more details to protect future investigations.

On Monday, troopers made a drug bust in St. Croix county and another in Eau Claire county. Troopers say they confiscated marijuana and cocaine.

Sergeant Steve Tape says I-94 has been, and will continue to be a major drug trafficking route.

"It's no secret that people on I-94 travel on I-94 and with the drug trade, your talking about hauling product from one point to the other just like a semi unit," Tape said.

He says once a drug bust is made, it can take months to close the case, since many of them are linked. Still, he says with every stop, troopers are making progress.