30 Wisconsin Counties Under Burn Ban

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With the weather warm and the soil dry firefighters are asking you to think twice before starting an outdoor burn.

"We have lots of tall standing dry grasses, dry leaves, things like that and then as with a day like today we get high winds so any amount of fire that starts will move very very rapidly," Township Fire Captain Chris Turner said.

And once those flames begin, the dry environment can't stop them. That's why the DNR has suspended outdoor burning permits in 30 Wisconsin counties.

"Basically a burning ban means that there should be no outside burning, things like burning twigs, burning leaves, burning brush are prohibited, things like charcoal grills and gas grills are okay but you need to make sure that they are handled correctly," Turner said.

Meaning use them only in safe areas, away from tall grasses or brush and dispose of ashes carefully. Turner also says you need to be cautious when using machinery like a chainsaw, vehicle or ATV, a hot muffler or engine can start a grass fire in a flash.

"People make the mistake of parking their vehicle in tall grass and their muffler will start a grass fire, not only starting a grass fire but burning up their vehicle as well," Turner said.

But most importantly, keep your home clear of dead grass and brush, and a close eye on your kids. Turner says many grass fires are sparked by children playing with matches or fireworks.