Women From Jerusalem Spread Message of Peace

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For many in western, Wisconsin the Israeli-Palestinian conflict may seem distant but, three women from Jerusalem, say it's a conflict everyone can learn from that's why they're touring the country, and visiting Eau Claire with their message of peace..

"It's not enough to know, it's not enough to see, you have to act, you have to become an activist and when I come to American public it's not enough for me that they know the stories, but it's important for me that they become active," speaker Tal Dor said.

Tal Dor, Huda Abu Arqoub and Amal Nassar, three women of different faiths have one shared vision, to build peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

"When I think for a better future for Palestinians for both generations of Palestinians and Israelis together to grow up without hatred and to work on young people to educate them," speaker Amal Nassar.

Another goal is to educate those living in the United States addressing the realities of the conflict, loss of family, persecution, occupation and violence.

That's why these three women are traveling across the country as members of "Jerusalem Women Speak" giving presentations designed to bring political awareness and critical thinking about conflict.

"Partially what we're doing here is to raise their awareness about the human rights violations in Palestine on a daily basis.

For more information you can visit their website at www.partnersforpeace.org/jerusalem.shtml