Governor Presents Final Part of His "Kids First" Initiative

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Governor Doyle was in town to present the fourth part of his "Kids First" Initiative.

The governor spoke to students and community members at Altoona High School about the different aspects of his plan, which include increasing immunizations, school breakfast participation, and improving health insurance coverage, including dental care.
He also has plans for a new anti-smoking campaign, which an Altoona High School senior will be a consulting for.

"I think the message is always a lot stronger when it comes from a peer," says Alex Gallagher. "Adults have always been telling us not to smoke, but when other kids can see youth standing u and trying to make a difference, I think it's empowering."

Doyle also said he considers children and their health and education a high priority during his planning for next year's budget.

If you would like more information on Doyle's "Kids First" Initiative, check out the Governor's website: