More Moms Paying Child Support

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In a time when many marriages end in divorce, the cases that involve children can prove tricky in custody battles. While traditionally the mother is seen and awarded custody as the primary caregiver, an increasing number of fathers are holding sole custody.

UW-Madison researchers and the Department of Workforce Development are reporting that up to 15 percent of child support orders are being given to mothers, up from five percent in 2000.

The director of the Eau Claire County Child Support says she sees the same problems in both cases. "Just as there are deadbeat dads that we do spend a lot of time trying to figure out where they are working, trying to get them to work, trying to get them to pay, we do those same things with deadbeat moms," says Jan Steiner.

Steiner also suggests that more parents are choosing to share custody, which has cut back on the need for child support payments, overall.