Family Support Groups Preparing for Deployment

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The mobilization of the 128th Infantry Division based in Eau Claire is putting about 680 western Wisconsin soldiers on active duty.

Those soldiers will be leaving untold numbers of loved ones stateside. The Chippewa Falls American Legion and the National Guard are partnering to provide support for the soldiers' families.
Given the possibility of their mission and of the increased violence in Iraq, the groups say their task is not an easy one.

"How do you repair any family who has a loved one going off to war?" asks Patty Luey, an organizer for National Guard Family Support who is also seeing her husband depart with the 128th. "It's a hard thing to do except in ways we can work with them through family support. Be there to support them, be there to inform them of everything, be there to help them with things they're going to need when their soldier is gone."
A meeting has been planned for Monday, May 17th in Chippewa Falls at the American Legion on Spring Street for 7 p.m.

If you would like more information, check out the state's National Guard Family Support Group website:

You can also call the Madison Armory, the base of operations at 1-800-292-9464.