Wisconsin Dairy Farmers Incomes Rise

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Low supply and continuing demand are funneling more dollars toward Wisconsin dairy farmers. Everything from mozzarella cheese to yogurt to ice cream costs more because of record farm milk prices.

The Wisconsin Farm Bureau says milk prices paid to farmers reaches consumers first in the price of butter, then the cost of fresh cheeses.

They say farmers will likely sell their milk at more than $20.00 per hundred pounds this month. This compares to just over $10.00 per one hundred pounds ten years ago.

Local dairy farmer and Eau Claire County farm bureau associate Doug Mueller says the rising costs to consumers mirror the rising costs of dairy farming. Mueller says the record high gas prices and high costs for protein supplements add to the increased prices in the dairy aisle. He goes on to add that there are now fewer cows in the United States than have been in the past. But the demand for milk and other dairy products haven't dropped.