Wisconsin Tobacco Tip Line

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After three years in effect, the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line has helped more than 6,000 smokers quit, saving $16 million in healthcare costs.

For Eau Claire County, the cost savings figures out to more than $125,000.

The Quit Line provides assistance to not only smokers, but to family members and friends looking for resources.

"Quitting takes practice. It takes an average five to seven attempts for someone to quit, so it's not easy," says Kris Hayden of the Wisconsin Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention. "They'll need additional support possibly so the Quit Line gives some support. They also get support back with their local health care provider so it really all works together."

The tipline is a toll-free number provided by the state.

Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line:
1-877-270-STOP or 1-877-270-7867