"Get Active, America" Campaign in Eau Claire

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The battle against obesity is constant for many Americans, and this week, a local athletic club is joining many others to encourage the community of Eau Claire to exercise.

The campaign, sponsored by the International Health, Raquet, and Sportsclub Associations, seeks to have people "Come in Pairs" to workout, and managers at the Eau Claire Athletic Club say that gives people a stronger incentive to hit the gym.

"There's more of a commitment to it, so if you have someone that you know is waiting for you or someone that is going to come along with you, then it's easier to show up," says program manager Carol Pelloski. "If you are trying by yourself, unless you're very motivated, it's not going to happen."

Members are encouraged to bring friends, but this weekend, the club is hosting an open house, which welcomes community residents to use the club on their own as well.