Two Chippewa Falls Women Celebrate Veterans

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Two women in Chippewa Falls have been celebrating Memorial Day for the past seven months.

Ellie Wittrock and Mary Zempel have spent the past seven months sewing a quilt to honor area veterans and soldiers. Some of the photos appearing on the quilt have been donated by family and friends but the women gathered many from newspaper obituaries.

"We kinda wonder sometimes," says Zempel "What kind of lives did they really have? What kind of background did they have?"

Visitors stopping to check on the progress of the quilt have all been impressed, say the women.

"It's something to give back to the men," says Wittrock. "The men need recognition."
Since all branches of the military are represented, the quilt will share time hanging in the

Chippewa Falls VFW and American Legion Posts. The women are hoping to finish the quilt in July.