Family of 8-year-old boy hurt in Eau Claire hit & run speaks out

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU)- An 8-year old boy is recovering in the hospital after a hit and run crash in Eau Claire.

The Eau Claire Police Department says the crash happened Saturday night around 8:30 at the 4100 block of Mary Place.

Family members say 8-year-old Adam Kersten was riding his bike with his 10-year-old brother Anthony Kersten when a driver hit Adam and took off.

At this time police are still trying to gather more information on the vehicle that hit Adam.

He was airlifted to Mayo Clinic in Rochester with head injuries.

His uncle, Troy Prill, said the boy has a skull fracture, some bleeding, suffered from a concussion and has a swollen face.

Adam's mother, Amanda Prill, said the image from Saturday night is still embedded in her mind.

"He goes to sleep wakes up and looks at us, has no idea at first who we even are and it takes him about an hour to even get the fact that he's at the hospital," said Amanda Prill. "It's hard for me to sleep though because every time I close my eyes, all I see is a bleeding boy on the road. It's my kid and I just, I can't go to sleep."

Anthony Kersten said he was riding his bike alongside Adam when he saw a car hit his younger brother.

"He just turned the corner and then he drove by, turned around, hit him and then just went by the nursing home and took a left and then another left," said Anthony.

Officer Kyle Roder with the Eau Claire Police Department said investigators have gone door-to-door along Mary Place, asking neighbors if they saw or heard anything or have any information.

"At this point, we don't have a description of a vehicle, we don't have a description of a driver of that vehicle or anything that we can release," said Roder. "We would obviously like to speak to the victim when that is possible and with another child that was riding bike with him so that's where we are at this point."

Roder said the department's heart goes out to the family in this difficult time.

"We want people to understand that we are doing what we can to investigate this and we are looking for the public's help," said Roder.

Neighbor Megan Hoel said she'd see Adam and other kids line up at the bus stop near her house every morning for school as she walked her dog. She said the road along Mary Place can be dangerous because drivers tend to speed.

"They're pretty fast and there's a lot of kids that ride their bikes up and down all day and they ride their scooters," said Hoel. "We are all thinking of Adam and we're saying our thoughts and prayers for him to get better soon."

Another neighbor who lives nearby said police were going door-to-door Saturday night looking for information. He said he worries for the boy and about this happening in his neighborhood.

"There's a lot of kids back here, everyone knows there's a lot of kids that play and ride their bikes. For the most part, it's a safe neighborhood. With my daughter, it would make me sick if someone hit her and didn't stop," said neighbor Troy Sebena.

Police say at this time no arrests have been made, they are still searching for the driver of the vehicle that hit Adam.

If you have any information, call Eau Claire Police at 715-839-4972.