School Funding Reform?

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Governor Doyle's special task force on reforming school funding is trying to float its first trial balloon, and it's going to need some help getting off the ground.

Their proposal would reportedly increase the sales tax to six percent, while lowering property taxes by 20 percent.

"At least with a sales tax, it's more of a hidden tax," said Altoona Superintendent Greg Fahrman.

"We get some help from people who visit our state."

Fahrman also added that property tax is always a surprise to people, one that tends to divide communities.

A local lawmaker thinks getting the idea pushed through to the state legislature could be a tough sell. Representative Rob Kreibich said the Governor has pledged not to raise taxes, which contradicts part of the spirit of the plan.

"I'm skeptical of a statewide fix," he said. "I'd rather we looked at this regionally and in this part of the state, keep doing what we're doing."

The suggestion is in a very early stage. The soonest it would even get to Madison is when the Legislature convenes in January.