Construction Underway for New Exhibit

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The school year is nearly finished, but the Chippewa Valley Museum is working on a new exhibit geared towards helping area school children and residents learn about the farming roots of their communities.

Construction has started on an exhibit called "Farm Life" which focuses on all different aspects of farming.

The exhibit will have a barn featuring three periods in history ranging from pre-electricity to modern day, a farm house at three-quarters scale of a real home in Buffalo County, and a rebuilt hen house that was actually used.

"Everything as big as a threshing machine, to a little corn husker you hold in your hand," says Frank Smoot, the museum's publication's director. "There will be tiny things, there will be huge things but everything has been used by a farm family in the Chippewa Valley."

There will also be a model of a field to show farming practices and a downtown based in the 1950's.

The exhibit is being built with half a million dollars, half of which is funded by a grant from the National Endowment for Humanities, and will be open on Sept. 24.