Tabor Debate

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What's a good idea for a group of legislators isn't all it's cracked up to be for some community leaders. Some Republican lawmakers want to amend the state Constitution with a Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

The proposal is called "Tabor," and includes restrictions on local spending.

A group in the Eau Claire area doesn't like the idea. They say it would hurt funding for education and government programs.

"It would be sort of like having a mob-type rule," said Eau Claire County Supervisor Colleen Bates. "Individuals that had a minority voice would not likely be heard. We have a history of progressiveness, let's not lose that."

Assemblyman Jeff Wood is one of the authors of the Tabor proposal.

"If progressiveness means you continually grow government at three to four times the rate of people's incomes and inflation, yeah, we won't be progressive anymore," he said.

"We'll be fiscally responsible."

Supporters of the proposal will present their views in a public forum on Wednesday.