Meth Bust

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After a search for illegal drugs in a Menomonie home, officers discovered what they said was the biggest meth lab ever found in the history of the city.

It produced enough toxic chemicals that officers told a neighbor to evacuate their home for safety's sake.

On Thursday, police searched for drugs in a home on Menomonie's north side. What they found were the contents of a meth lab, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia.

"Meth amphetamine labs tend to be located in more rural areas, however, they can be located anywhere," said Sergeant Andrew Crouse of the Menomonie Police Department.

"In Menomonie, we haven't seen too many within the city limits."

Thirty-five-yearIold Cheryl Casello is charged in connection with the bust. She appeared in Dunn County Court on Friday. A judge set her bond at $5,000 in cash. He later said Casello's husband is being sought out by law enforcement, and his whereabouts are unknown.

During the bust, an officer dressed in a HAZMAT suit collapsed from heat exhaustion. He was transported to the hospital and later released.