Water Watchers Seeks to Keep Kids Safe

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Now that summer vacation is arriving for area school kids, swimming will be a more common past time. It also means that adults need to keep a watchful eye on children in lakes and pools.

More than 300 children in the U.S. die annually in pools. New to the area this year is the option to use a program put forth by the National Safe Kids Campaign called "Water Watcher."

The program requires parents to take turns serving as the designated "Water Watcher" by wearing tags around their necks.

"What it does is it reminds them that they're in charge of watching the children at that time," says Pam Ebel from the Safe Kids Coalition. "When they have (the tag) on, they're not to be answering the phone, eating, talking. They are to be watching the children."
To find out more about becoming a "Water Watcher," call the local Safe Kids Coalition at 839-4481.