Ride to Farm

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A group of agriculture experts will have made a 225 mile trip to Madison by Monday morning. They're going there to attend the Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators Conference. The reason they're making the trip by bike is to raise funds to improve The University of Wisconsin's School for Beginning Dairy Farmers.

On average, farmers in Wisconsin are more than 50 years old, and a continued trend of aging farmers could cause many smaller family farms to dissolve in the years ahead.

"I really think we need some younger farmers to get things started," Phil Waldera said. He and his cousin Derek will someday run the Waldera Brothers Dairy Farm near Whitehall.

"The new techniques, new technology, and keep things alive around here."

Farmers also say the loss of family farming would bring larger, corporate operations to our state, and most likely drive food prices up.

For more information on how to make a donation or collect pledges, contact Jodi Wickham at the UW Foundation at (608) 263-2027. You can also email her at jodiwickham@uwfoundation.wisc.edu.