Going For World's Largest Bratwurst

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Residents in Campbellsport are going for the world record this weekend. They plan to make the world's largest bratwurst and win an entry into the Guiness Book for World Records. The goal is to produce a 40-foot brat.

Loehr's Meat Service made the brat, and it'll be placed in a bun made by Kruger;s Fin-n-Feather bakery.

The entire event is centered around raising funds for the Campbellsport Fire Department's 100th anniversary celebration. Cooks will serve 120 portions costing $10.00 apiece. And they'll hand out a t-shirt with the each serving proclaiming "Campellsport-Home of the World's Largest Brat.

The current world record is a 34-foot bratwurst.