Grant Awarded to UW-Eau Claire Partnership

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A partnership between western Wisconsin school districts, the Chippewa Valley Museum, and the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire has received national recognition and funding.

A grant for almost a million dollars was given to the groups' involved in the "Learning by Doing: Public History in the Classroom" representatives Wednesday from the U.S. Department of Education.

The money will go to support an education program for teachers that encourages curriculum building through doing first hand research projects.

"The students will get an idea of how to do research based on what their teacher has done, reading primary sources, learning the methods of how you interpret the past and then using that as a model, the students will be doing research of their own," says "Learning by Doing" Director Dr. Patricia Turner.

The grant is similar to the one awarded two years ago to start the project, which was launched by UWEC. This grant includes research to compare the learning by doing program teachers to other classrooms.