Northwoods League Baseball to come to Eau Claire

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Eau Claire has always had a rich baseball history and now a new chapter has begun.
At a legislative session Tuesday, the City Council unanimously approved an amended lease to allow a Northwoods League baseball team to call Carson Park home.

The five-year lease will start next year and the league will pay the city an annual minimum of $8,000, in addition to $4,000 for concession rights.

Eau Claire Baseball, which will own the team, will also have the right to sell advertising in the stadium and keep the profits. The principal investor behind the team says they will start the search for the personnel and players as soon as possible.

"We intend for this to be a venue that a multitude of various people with various interests can enjoy a night at Carson Park," says Dr. Jeff Jones. "We have this jewel at Carson Park and we hope the whole community will be able to use it from now on."

Jones also says season tickets will be available in the fall, and a contest to name the team will soon be underway.