Fire Equipment Stolen

On Monday night the Chippewa Falls Fire Department got a call from the Police Department telling them their brush buggy had been stolen from their parking lot where it was for sale.

The 1967 Jeep, used to fight brush fires, wasn't locked and had a start button instead of a key making it an easy but slow get away for the person.

The Jeep's top speed is only 40 mph, which made it easy for the Barron County Sheriff’s Department to spot and pull over the vehicle on Hwy 53 and arrest 20-year-old Jacob Richey.

Officials say Richey was taken into custody and later admitted to taking the vehicle because he needed a ride.

Officials say they've since disconnected the starter on the Jeep, so no one else can borrow it for a ride.

As for Richey, he's due in court next month.