Fair Friends Come Through in the Clutch

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Kids are the guests of honor at the Eau Claire County Fair Friday and Saturday. Those are the days the event features a childrens' tent.

Funding the fair, however, is hardly child's play.

Their budget of about $20,000 was cut by about ten percent in the fall. Now a group called "Friends of the Fair" is raising funds to recoup the loss.

"This year they're looking at between two and five thousand dollars," said Katy Forsythe of the county's 4-H organization, "but probably with an increase needed in the future."

"If we can keep a fair going for the young people, that's what we want to do," said Joe Miller of Friends of the Fair.

The group works toward their goal by selling memberships, holding a silent auction, and raffling off tractors.

The fair runs through Sunday night at the Eau Claire County Expo Center.